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What map of New York would Saul Steinberg draw today? The first tribe to live here was the Canarsee American Indians, displaced in the later 17th century by Dutch economic migrants from Breuckelen, a town near Utrecht. Theres lots of Dutch residue in the local names: Bushwick, for example, was once Boswijck, Flatbush was Vlacht bosch. In 1664, the British conquered the New Netherlands and Nieuw Amsterdam became New York and Breuckelen was anglicised. Brooklyn is exceptional, not excluding the accent that is known to linguisticians as Brooklynese. It was first noted in the 1890s, a cocktail, perhaps, of Yiddish and Gaelic influences. Most notably, the voiced th comes out as d. Thus 33rd Street is toidy-toid and your male sibling or business associate is a brudda. You can still do fieldwork into brudda microculture at Bamontes, since 1900 an amazing red-sauce restaurant where men in dark suits meet over killer veal Parmigiana and reminisce about the day Sinatra, in fact a New Joisey boy, drank the bar dry. View photos The current dominant Brooklyn tribe is the infamous hipster of caricature sipping sencha tea through a statement beard Credit: Christina Gandolfo / Alamy Stock Photo/Christina Gandolfo / Alamy Stock Photo More The current dominant Brooklyn tribe is the infamous hipster of caricature sipping sencha tea through a statement beard, described by one American writer as unemployed city-dwelling narcissists with a penchant for bad clothes. But there is a more positive view. In his 2014 book, Hipster Business Models, Zachary Crockett explains that the tribe is not unemployed, but busy developing non-corporate entrepreneurial practices: They bring their typewriters to the park to write stories, they make action yoga figures, they sew pockets on their underwear and theyre our future. Hipster towns My recent reconnaissance of this future began with some prep in old New York.

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