Some Basics For Consideration With Rational Buddhist Tactics

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Put simply, the Thais know how to put their work away and enjoy their time with family and friends. Even when they are at work, though the grandmother serving you hot noodles, the teenager working at 7/11, and everyone in between theyre constantly smiling, laughing and brightening your day. Its astounding how impactful a positive 5-second interaction with a stranger can be, and when you compound dozens of those interactions into a day, its no wonder people love living here. Strong English Take this one with a grain of salt, because when I say the Thai locals are strong in English, Im comparing them to their neighbors. Assuming you dont speak Thai, just about everywhere you go in Thailand youll speak a Thai-English hybrid. Standard words like greetings, simple manners and common menu items will be spoken in Thai, while slightly more complex phrases may switch to English, given that their English is normally better than a visitors Thai. Of course, you may need to resort to some on-the-spot charades to get your point across, but thats all part of the fun. If youre really concerned about communicating, download the Thai dictionary on Google Translate on your phone so you can translate back and forth even when youre offline. Plenty of other nomads This hasnt always been the case, but at least in recent years, digital nomads have been flooding to Thailand for the reasons Im listing here and others.

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People on the airport ramp area near terminals 1 and 2 are seen following a shooting incident at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida, January 6, 2017. REUTERS/Andrew Innerarity But a picture of some of those killed began to emerge on Saturday from local media reports and in testimonials by family and friends. Terry Andres, a volunteer fireman from Virginia Beach, Virginia, was at the airport to go on vacation with his wife, his daughter told local broadcaster WAVY-TV. She said he would have been celebrating his 63rd birthday later this month. He was shot multiple times, WAVY-TV reported, but his wife of 40 years was not hurt. Andres had served since 2004 with the Oceana Volunteer Fire Department, where he was remembered fondly. "He was well liked and respected for both his dedication to being a volunteer as well as his professional approach to his job as a support tech," the department said in a statement on Saturday. "We mourn his passing as we do all the victims of the senseless attack in Ft. Lauderdale." Another of those killed was Olda Woltering, a retiree from Marietta, Georgia who was on vacation with her husband Ralph, according to people who recalled her as a prominent figure at the city's Transfiguration Catholic Church. "She was a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and friend," said Chip Oudt, a fellow churchgoer who said they had been close. "She will be missed." Woltering joined the church with her husband in 1978.